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Achieve Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center provides contemporary chiropody services. Our team consists of highly competent chiropodists who contain the ability to mitigate your foot and ankle problems.


Do you know that every year approximately 6% of canadian population develop foot problems and around 75% of the population will somehow undergo foot related health issues. Then why feel less conscious and become careless when by the help of these feet an average human covers a distance of 160,000 km in his whole life on estimating 6.5km/day?


What is chiropody?

Well in the mid 1800's the term chiropody emerged from the Latin word means with hands on feet was coined by Britians. Britain developed a foot health care model which aimed to provide better treatment options to those skilled care providers who are dealing with foot health concerns and unfortunately went for foot amputation. This british foot care delivery model was adopted by the Ontario government in 1980 and now since this profession is known as chiropody and professionals are called chiropodists. 


Whom should I visit for foot health issues?

Physician, orthopedic surgeon, podiatrist or chiropodist? 

Chiropodists are the proficient professionals to treat foot related conditions. 


Who is a chiropodist?

Chiropodists are primary care providers trained in dealing foot related health conditions, they are able to perform biomechanical assessment, management, treatment of dysfunctions and foot disease conditions. 


Difference between chiropodist and podiatrist

There is no difference between the term chiropodist or podiatrist. In this modern era chiropody is now known as podiatry. Previously chiropodists  were known as podiatrist but still in the US and some other countries they call them podiatrist.  



Podiatrists are neither physicians,nor  doctors or surgeons but they are right professionals to look over foot health related issues although sometimes they do minor foot surgeries and along that prescribe medications. Amazingly, they cost 4 times less likely as compared to physicians.



Diabetic foot, sports and traumatic injuries, wound care are not only treated by chiropodist issues like foot ache, heel pain, swelling, tendonitis, plantar fasciitis,  toes stiffness in morning or night, bunion, ingrowing toe nails, thickening of toenails, fallen arch, rigid arch, overuse syndromes, neuroma, hammer toes, cysts, warts, neuropathy, eczema, infections oftenly foot twisting conditions ankle sprain or strain, corns, callosities, calluses, verrucas, gout, cracked heels, smelly feet, ulcerated foot care or foot deformities due aging are all assessed and treated by chorpoadtrist. Chiropodists can also perform biomechanical assessment of foot, gait analysis and physiotherapy of your foot. From conservative management to surgical intervention they are able to perform for foot health. 

Meh! I don’t know when I go shopping I usually develop blisters under my toes, my knee hurts a lot, sometimes it often hurts my back even. Should I still visit a chiropodist? Absolutely yes! Remember your feet are your forever companion. So what are you waiting for? 


Need an appointment?

Make a call and book your appointment today at triangle physiotherapy centre. Discuss all your foot health concerns and have avail great treatment options by our trained and experienced professionals.  A 60mins session will be pain free and soothing. Might be you chiropodist recommend you some arches to prevent future