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Reasons to Wear a Bike Helmet

Reasons to Wear a Bike Helmet

We are discussing here reasons to wear a bike helmet, Wearing a helmet is the only efficient way to reduce fatalities and head injuries caused by accidents suffered on bicycles and motorcycles. Bikers who don’t wear helmets have a higher risk of experiencing concussions and head injuries. In the U.S, each year 800 bikers die due to bike accidents and almost 500,000 bikers end up in hospital emergency rooms. Though, helmets can reduce this risk by 85%.

Helmets should be made compulsory for all riders. Fifty four percent of all bike accidents result in fatalities due to the rider not wearing a helmet.

In a research, it was concluded that the risk of head injuries was five times more in bikers who weren’t wearing helmets in relation to those who were.

There are several reasons to wear a bike helmet:

Reasons to Wear a Bike Helmet: Protection from bad Weather

If your bike is your primary source of transportation then you have to rely on it during inclement weather as well. A helmet allows you to ride through all kinds of weather without restricting your vision. People who ride bikes without helmets would be able to relate to just how inconvenient it can be to ride without one in rainy weather, Probably its a major reason to wear a bike helmet.

Protection of your head

When riding on a bike your head is one of the most critical body parts in the line of fire. Most bikers suffer serious injuries after an accident where they aren’t wearing a helmet. The helmet protects your head and ensures that your head or brain don’t suffer serious injuries. This is especially true for young riders as their brains aren’t developed yet and are susceptible to injuries.

Proper helmets add to visibility

Most accidents are caused by the inability of drivers to see a bike rider in front of them. A helmet has a reflective light or strip which makes you clearly visible to others on the road. This is highly critical during times of the day when the sun’s light is compromised. A bright helmet is all you need to make yourself much more visible.

It is necessary and it is a main reason to wear a bike helmet that you keep your helmet on while riding your bike. There can be a possibility of accidents even with a helmet on, but those accidents don’t cause serious injuries, and your head is also protected. The key to cycling safely is to always have a helmet on.

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